NW College 9-28-2017

Hopefully, this email finds you and your family well.  By now, I assume everyone has read about the recent changes to the NW Umpires Board of Directors and NW College Committee.  If not, please review the attached document which was recently sent out.  If anyone has any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to contact me directly.

I do not foresee significant changes occurring in the short-term.  George and Shawn provided great leadership and direction for several years.  We will continue down the path they have laid out.  Both will remain involved as much as desired.  Even though, Chad, was only in the Chair position for slightly over a year, he also had been involved for several years prior, continued to push the group in the right direction, and will remain greatly involved in the College Committee along with leading the NW Umpires organization.
In the short term, be sure to get signed up with the CBUA.  All NW college umpires are required to be a part of the CBUA.  It is the largest and most stable organization involved in NCAA baseball umpiring.  The CBUA has provided several opportunities, for several of our members, at a regional and national level.
Fall ball is in full swing.  Evaluators, the College Committee, and myself will be out watching new and existing members.  This is an important time of the year for our schools and also for us, as umpires.
Take care of your paper work (i.e. CBUA membership), be involved in fall ball, and make defensible/reasonable decisions on AND off the field.
If you would like to discuss anything umpire related with me please feel free to reach out to me directly.
Thanks and enjoy the weather....the snow will be flying soon


John Priester
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