2009 Fall Baseball

2009 Fall Baseball Evaluation Program

One of the things that helps NWAU, Ltd. stay strong is our Fall Baseball Evaluation Program.  We expect all new umpires to be evaluated each fall for the first 2 years of membership and every 3 years thereafter.  We expect all members to be evaluated every 3 years.  Everyone in our organization has been evaluated so far.  These evaluations make up one phase of our quality control.  Our Board of Directors feel strongly about our evaluations and therefore, we are placing this in front of you today so you can plan your fall schedules early enough.

Each of our 1st and 2nd year umpires are expected to be evaluated at least 2 separate times this fall.  All other members are expected to be evaluated at least one time this fall.

All umpires that have not yet purchased a copy of the PBUC Manual for the 2-Umpire System will be expected to do so prior to the beginning of fall baseball.  The cost is $10.00 plus shipping for your copy.  If I can hand it to you at an orientation meeting in the middle of August, there is no shipping cost.  You would pay at least $14.95 if you purchased it at a sporting goods store or on-line plus shipping.

The dates for fall baseball are listed below.  At this time, the game sites are at Siebert and Alimagnet #1 and #2 in Brunsville.  We also have the Junior Dick Siebert League on the same dates at Nieman Fields at Fort Snelling.  The times are not yet available to me.

Consider this an invitation to all of you to become involved.  Below are the dates that umpires that are expected to take part and also those that we would like to be involved as evaluators.

Saturday, 8-22 & Sunday, 8-23; Saturday 8-29 & Sunday, 8-30; Skip Labor Day Weekend; Saturday, 9-12 & Sunday, 9-13; Saturday 9-19 & Sunday 9-20; Saturday 9-26 & Sunday 9-27; Saturday 10-3 & Sunday 10-4

First year umpires not evaluated last fall = Steve Fulton, Jeff Grasto, Matt Hordyk, Scott Schuler, Kurt Seurer & Don Zeyen

First year umpires evaluated last fall = Mitch Burmis, Todd Cornelius, DJ Earls, John Faison, Bill Krogman, Nick Levar (evaluated 2 or 3 years ago), Josh Maiman (evaluator too), John Matzke, Aaron Olmanson and Matt Popek

Second year umpires = Erik Anderson, Rich Baker, John Bell, Mike Budion (evaluator too), Brian Dorr, Mike Kaufman, Zar Kovalov (evaluator too), Jeff Larson, Mike Sticha (evaluator too), Bill Szabo, Dan Feigum, Matt Sorenson and Ed Hagberg

Veteran umpires due to be evaluated = Dean Aasgaard (evaluator too), Steve Agard, Eric Almond, Tony Anderson (evaluator too), Matt Brown (evaluator too), Mike Casey, Andrew Craddock, Nick Izzo, Bryce Jacobson (evaluator too), Dan Kneeland, Brent Kuphal, Duane Reed, Tony Schrepfer, Tim Steinbach, Josh Wigley, Brad Wilkinson (evaluator too) & Doug Zimanske

Umpire evaluators = 50 names; Dean Aasgaard, Tony Anderson, Jeremy Barbe, Scott Bauer, Adam Berg, Ed Bova, Matt Brown, Mike Budion, Curt Callister, Matt Dornfeld, Chad Drexler, George Drouches, Chad Eischens, Tim Face, Larry Gallagher, Tom Goetz, Joe Guscetti, Gus Hellzen, Hank Hentges, Greg Holeman, Brandon Jackson, Bryce Jacobson, Robin Johnson, Zar Kovalov, Bill Kozik, Steve Krick, Andre Lanoue, Ken Lehner, Rick Lindquist, Josh Maiman, Dave Malley, Brian Mauer, Dave Meysembourg, Mike Monita, Jason Nickelby, Ron Poeschel, Dave Powers, John Priester, Kirk Rall, Ed Richardson, Bill Ryan, Ken Sargent, Jeff Schmit, Mike Sticha, Mike Tischendorf, Shawn Vellek, Dennis Ward, Dave Wiles, Brad Wilkinson, Les Zibell.

Remainder of our roster that do not need to be evaluated but may choose to do so if they want = Steve Ashwood, Dennis Atchison, Jeremy Barbe, Marshall Behrens, Kris Bertelsen, Terry Beseman, Robert Bissonette, Jim Black, Dwayne Borg, Lonnie Bryan, Robin Cook, Dan Ford, Jon Fox, Paul Frank, Terry Helget, John Jundt, Sam Klein, Bob Kremer, Pete Larkin, Rob Linder, Mark Monson, Mike Mooney, Don Morrow, John Ott, Brad Panning, Dick Steensland, Bill Teichrow, Chad Waletzko, Ken Waletzko, Steve Watson


Larry Gallagher