2009 Fall Ball Orientation Meeting

NW Umpires and applicants,

I made a mistake on the previous e-mail about the date for our August Fall Baseball Orientation Meeting.

I have tried to e-mail all those that noticed my mistake.  I hope I succeeded but in case I did not, the Fall Baseball Orientation Meeting is on

August 19th at 6 pm at the International School of Minnesota.

The address is on our website but here it is again: 

International School of MN (The)

6385 Beach Road
Eden Prairie, MN   55344-5234

If you go to www.mshsl.org you will pull down the name of the school and they have a map to show you the location.

You may also contact me and I can talk you through how to get there.

Remember, let me know if you are coming or not.  Only those of you that have never been to our orientation in the past are required to be at our meeting.  We will be handing out the red PBUC Manual for the 2-Umpire System for the cost of $10.00 for those that have never purchased one.

I will be sending out an agenda in the near future so you know what to expect at the meeting.  All members are welcome to attend but only the applicants and brand new umpires are expected to be at the meeting.

I just returned from the NASO Convention in Tucson, AZ and it was a great time and wonderful opportunity to rub elbows with top notch officials in our profession.  Some are at the high school level, NCAA level and other in professional sports.  We learned a tremendous amount of information that should help us plan for next year's  convention in Minneapolis.

Many of our membership are expected to be volunteers in conducting this convention and we also hope to encourage many of our members to attend the convention as participants. 

There are 2 parts to the convention:  Part one = for all registered officials in Minnesota.  Part two = for all those in leadership positions in our officials association.

More on this in the future and it will more than likely come from the MSHSL, our NWAU, Ltd. Board of Directors and of course, me.



some additional information........

Hi guys,

Below is the Orientation Outline for the August 19 Meeting for Fall Baseball.

Again, this is for all members but it is especially important for those of you participating in fall baseball.  No one is required to attend but it is especially important to those that are first year members and those that are applying for membership.

If you have not contacted me about your attendance yet, please do so as soon as possible.  I have heard from many of you but I still need to hear from a few of you in regards to if you can attend or not.

For those that cannot attend, I will send them a detailed description of what they missed.  Basically we will cover some of the items that we expect each umpire to be aware of as they umpire and that they are attempting to be in the proper position and getting set on time and using good timing and judgment on calling their pitches and plays.


Larry Gallagher


August 19, 2009

The International School of Minnesota

6385 Beach Road
Eden Prairie, MN   55344-5234


1.     Greeting and Sign-in.

2.     Distribution and Purchase of the Red PBUC Manual for the 2-Umpire System.

3.     Answering of questions from the umpires to our staff.

4.     Review of the evaluation form and what it entails.

5.     Positioning on the bases – A, B & C and why we expect umpires to be in these starting positions.  Demonstration and Practice Session.

6.     Angle/Distance demonstration and discussion with a brief practice session.

7.     Pickoffs and Steals – Demonstration with a brief practice session.

8.     Pivoting – Demonstration and a brief practice session.

9.     Step up, Turn and Face the ball.  Pause, Read and React.  Double Play footwork.

10.   Plate Demonstration and calling balls and strikes.

11.   Wrap-up & Miscellaneous.

For a map to The International School of Minnesota you might go to www.mshsl.org for the activity page for the Minnesota State High School League and use the pull down menu for the schools and push the I key to pull up the schools that begin with I and then scroll down to (The) International School of Minnesota and select it.  From there you will be able to click on the map to the school for directions and the map.

More information will follow soon in the next few days about fall baseball.  Stay Tuned.

Remember, that the first games begin on August 22 and the last games are scheduled for October 4.  All game assignments have been made at this time and all have been accepted except 3 as of this date.

We hope to see as many of the umpires as we can at our orientation meeting on August 19, 2009 at 6 pm.  We promise that we will be finished by 8:30 pm at the latest.  Remember to wear activity clothing for our meeting as you will be doing some physical activity.  It is not just a discussion but an active learning session.

Larry Gallagher