NW College 10-16-2017

Thanks to everyone who attended the meeting last night.  Another,Thank You, to George and Nick for their dedication to NW Umpires.

A recap of a few of the items that I discussed, in regards to College baseball:
  1. There is no Chicago (NCAA) meeting this year.  In lieu of this meeting, we are working with the national officials, and are planning an 'upper midwest' CBUA clinic here in Minneapolis, in conjunction with the UofM, Augsburg, Big Ten/Pac 12 challenge occurring in US Bank Stadium.  Block your calendars for the first weekend in March.  Most likely the the clinic will be on Sat March 3rd.  More details later.
  2. Contracts:  We are currently renegotiating our contracts that we have currently.  I don't fore see any major changes.
  3. Roster:  We are actively reviewing our entire College roster, and hope to expand not just within the Twin Cities Metro, but out-state and beyond MN
  4. Fall Ball:  Has become bigger and bigger each year.  Adam has does an outstanding job.  Thanks for everyone who worked, evaluated, and was involved in the coordination.  Thanks, Adam.
As always, feel free to reach out to me with questions, comments, and/or concerns.
John Priester
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