2015 MSHSL Rule Correction

We need to alert all Baseball umpires and head coaches to a correction in one of the case plays that was included in the rules meeting.



This correction involves the rule experiment with the Pitcher/DH rule.  In the second case there was a situation where the starting pitcher/DH, used their one re-entry to come back in to pitch in the 7th inning, which is legal.  However, once that happens, the pitcher who he replaces must leave the game.  In the case play, when A1 re-entered, A2 who was pitching, moved to shortstop and into the 2nd slot in the batting order – that is INCORRECT.  Once A2 entered in the pitchers position he could only bat in place of the Pitcher/DH.


You are reminded that all of the rules in regard to the DH and substitutions remain in place.  The only change is when the starting pitcher is the designated hitter.  When that occurs they may continue to DH after having been replaced as the pitcher.  Once removed, the starting P/DH may re-enter the game one time – in a defensive position or (if removed as the DH) could re-enter as the DH. 


Please keep track of issues that occur with this experimental rule.  We will be asking feedback from both coaches and umpires at the end of the season.  If you have questions please contact your Regional Rules Coordinator.  Those names and contact info is in the Official’s Corner.  Look on the right hand side of the page – in the second section.  Click on the plus sign next to “Contacts” and you will see the link to Regional Coordinators.


Good luck as you begin the season – looks like the weather will cooperate this week. Thanks for what you do,


Kevin Merkle

Associate Director

Minnesota State High School League


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