MBA 5/09/09 Meeting Minutes

5/9/09 Board Meeting

Meeting called to order by President Richter at 1:00 PM

Roll call showed all directors present.

Motion Rademacher, seconded Roufs, carried, to accept the minutes from the previous meeting as mailed.

In attendance was Nate Hoelscher, Bill Schulte, Eric Dolan, Ryan Rohilk, Mahlon Zimmermann, Chris Eichten, Mike Nagel, Ryan Olson, Jeremy Pescher, Jon Rambow.

A motion by Kreger, seconded Hartmann, carried, to approve the Pro Player Questionnaire of Justin Johnson. He has been released, and will be returning to his previous MBA team the Chaska Cubs.

The board next reviewed the Pro Player Questionnaire of Nate Hoelscher, they found that Hoelscher was not able to provide the board with written proof of his release. A motion was made by Forsman, seconded Roufs, and carried, that when Hoelscher can provide the MBA with proof of his pro release he will be approved to play for Carlos.

The board next met with Ryan Olson of Moorhead. There were a number of concerns that the board has heard on where their players were living, and also that they might be playing on dual teams. The subject of their games being played out of state was also of concern. Olson response was, that 85 % of their players are from Minnesota that live in North Dakota mainly for tax purpose. As for playing for dual teams, he told the board absolutely not. As for playing their games in North Dakota there are just not enough parks in Moorhead or Adequate parks around Moorhead to play on. He told the board there is a new park in the making, but that doesn't solve the problem now. Olson said he would take these concerns back to Moorhead and present them to the city. President Richter thanked Olson for appearing before the board and hoped they could get things worked out without having to address some sanctions down the road.

Mahlon Zimmerman came before the board asking if the board could release him from his previous contract with Redwood Falls. After reviewing his request, a motion by Roufs, seconded Kreger, carried, to grant a (board release) to Zimmerman providing all obligation if any to the Redwood Falls team be taken care of before release is final. Rademacher voted against the motion.

Motion Kreger, seconded Roufs, carried, to approve both the DRS Read league, and the Norman Polk League to send two teams to the Region play-offs. Both leagues have only three teams.

Motion Rademacher, seconded Hartmann, carried, to disapprove a request by the 13-60
league to use a different slide rule from the NMA rule, and a designated runner rule they would like to use in their league.

The MBA Board request that all leagues please stay within the rules we have in our MBA Rule Book, it will make it much easier to all concerned.

Motion Forsman, seconded Hartman, carried, to approve an All Star team to be formed from the Brainerd Area to play a Swedish National Team for a fundraiser prior to the home opener for the Brainerd Lunkers on May 18th.

Motion Kreger, seconded Barry, carried, to approve the following Tournament Sanctions. Nimrod 6/19-21/09, Jordan 7/10-12/09, Dundas 6/5-7/09, Detroit Lakes 6/10-14/09.

Two other tournaments approved were New Prague 6/5-7/09, Rum River Bandits 6/26-28/09.

Motion Rademacher, seconded Brennan, carried, to approve the following NIBA teams to play non NMA teams.

(Arrowhead League) Superior, Bayside, Oulu, Ashland, St. Croix, Hayward, Proctor (Blaine) St. Croix
(Randolph) Hager City
(Red Eye Country Boys) Silver Spiingers Over (35)
(St. Paul Shamrocks) St. Paul Police
(Winona) Banger, Chaseburg/Coon Valley, LaCrescent, LaCrosse, Menominie, Eau Claire, Plum City
(NimRod) Cold Spring Silver Springers (35), Menahga/Sebeka (35)
(Luverne)Brandon Valley, S.D. Merchants
(Ortonville) Milbank Fire Chiefs S.D.
(Lake City) J. Thomas (35)
(Dundas) Chicago Wildcats
(Marshall "X') Brookings, Renner
(Detroit Lakes) Fargo Mets, Detroit Lake Angles Alumni
(Dumont) Britton S.D.
(Miesville) Prescott, Menomonie
(Green Mill) St. Paul Police

A letter was received from the Minnesota Hall of Fame to run a fundraiser with the help of all MBA leagues this request was approved by the MBA board.

(Pro Player Questionnaire) was received on Kyle Zweber, he has been released from his pro contract and also his previous NMA contract. He is eligible to play for the Prior Lake Jay's. Recorded by Secretary Zellmann on 5-13-09.

(Pro Player Questionnaire) was received for Tim Flattery, he has been released from his pro contract and is eligible to play for Owatonna. Recorded by Secretary Zellmann on 513-09

(Pro Player Questionnaire) was received on Shea Douglas; he has been released from his pro contract and is eligible to play for Owatonna. Recorded by Secretary Zellmann on 5-13-09.

Nate Hoelscher pro release was received on May 13, 2009. He is now eligible to play for Carlos.

Next meeting of the MBA will be June 13th, at the Holiday Inn, St. Cloud. The time of this meeting has been changed to (10:00 AM. Mark this change on your calendar.

No further business motion Brennan, seconded Kreger, to adjourn. Adjournment coming at 3:00 PM.

Bob Zellmann
Secretary-Treasure MBA