MBA 7/18/09 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order by President Richter at 1:00pm.

Motion Brennan, seconded Rademacher, carried, to approve the minutes of the previous meeting as mailed.

Members from Atwater were in attendance, Matt Tanner, Mike Walsh, Lucas Pickle, and Brian Kingery. They were not at the meeting to make an appeal on the sanctions handed down to them, but to get some explanation of the board's decision. They were also hoping the board might reconsider letting some of the players be drafted. The board explained that it is not an easy decision to make having a player or team be ruled ineligible, but we have rules to abide by and should we start making exceptions our rules wouldn't have much meaning. President Richter thanked them for coming, and wished them a great season in 2010.

The board next met with Chairman Tony Beneke, and Bill Schulte from Arlington, Gaylord. Items were discussed from selling tickets, to cutting grass. The board also inspected both parks and found them in great shape.

For State Tournament info on game schedule, weather, scores, etc. you can contact using the following numbers:
ARLINGTON State Board Trailer - 507-720-4219
GAYLORD State Board Trailer - 507-720-4220

People to contact for broadcasting games:
ARLINGTON Bob Thomes - H-507-964-2498, C-320-310-1922
GAYLORD Chip Wolverton - H-507-237-2492, C-507-327-6543

President Richter appointed Jim Von Eschen - Arlington to the audit committee.

Admission for this year's State Tournament will be (Adults) $6.00 (Students) $3.00 - one game or all day.
(Tournament Pass) 3 weekends (Adults) $40.00 (Students) $20.00
Passes can be purchased at the State Board Trailer.

Motion Kreger, seconded Hartmann, carried, to approve the State Tournament Schedule for 2009.

Motion Forsman, seconded Hartmann, carried, to approve the umpires for this year's State Tournament, they will be paid $180.00 per game for two umpires.

Motion Barry, seconded Kreger, carried, to approve the Pro Questionnaire of Shawn Wooten, he was released by San Diego, and signed with St. Louis Park on 6/30/09.

Motion Barry, seconded Kreger, carried, to approve the Pro Player Questionnaire for Chris Herbert who was released by the Saint Paul Saints, and signed with the Minneapolis Cobras in 6/30/09.

Motion Forsman, seconded Brennan, carried, to approve the following players to play in a Wood Bat or Collegiate League and return for post season play, if they met their 4 game eligibility.

(Tyler Erickson) play for Alexandria Beetles, Tyler has returned to Miltona, but has since returned back to the Alexandria Beetles to finish out the season.

(Gabe Shockman) play for Wisconsin Woodchucks, return to the Moorhead Brewers.

(Eric Birch) play for Niagra Power in New York, return to the Rum River Bandits.

(Nick Judkins) play in New York Collegiate League, return to Elko. (Nick Judkins has returned).

(Ryan Peterson) play in a collegiate league with the Clarinda A's, return to the Savage Outlaws.

(Troy Larson) was released by the Mankato Moondogs, will play with a collegiate team in Kansas, return to Hastings.

(Jacob Kiebke) has returned to Detroit Lakes.

(Dustin Rode) has returned from active duty and will be eligible to play for East Bethel.

(Brad Bjerke) to play for the La Crosse Area All Stars, they will play the Military All Stars one game, this is to raise money for disability awareness, he will return to Winona for postseason play.

(Luke Rasmussen) to play for the Brainerd Lunkers, return to Miesville for post season play.

Motion Forsman, seconded Rademacher, carried, to approve Pat Kelly to play in the area code games in California August 3-10. Return to Hastings for post season if he meets his 4 game eligibility.

Motion Hartmann, seconded Forsman, carried, to approve Cannon Falls to play the Cannon Falls Alumni on July 19th.

Motion Rademacher, seconded Kreger, carried, to approve the following teams to play non MBA teams.

(Soderville) Fargo Moorhead Spartans
(Victoria) Hopkins Legion
(Evansville) Evansville Legion
(Hutchinson) Hanska Bullheads

The board received info from Brent Stahlecher, manager of the Crookston Reds, that Ada was playing 4 ballplayers that were out of the radius. They were Andy Sadler, Sam Kinne, Anthony Kliniske, and Josh Green. The managers got together and agreed that if Ada would drop the 4 players off their roster, and forfeit the games they played, it would be okay. When contacted by the board this agreement was confirmed by Ada manager. The board ruled on motion Roufs, seconded Barry, carried 9-0 vote, that Ada and the players be ineligible for the 2009 season, their roster be frozen, no player can be drafted. Ada and the players must be reinstated for the 2010 season. Ada can play out their season schedule.

The board next discussed about moving the thursday night State Tournament games to the first Saturday of the tournament to be played at the 3rd site, this would be four games. The board will again address this after this year's tournament. If anyone has any comments on making this change, contact the board.

The board will be accepting applications for future State Tournament sites. These applications must be in the State Secretary's office by the end of this year's State Tournament. The years we are bidding on are (2013)-(2014)-(2015). Make sure to include the 3rd site on your application.

(Region-Section Commissioners) There are new State Tournament roster forms that can be downloaded on the MBA web site. These forms must be filled out completely and typed. Do not use old forms. (Commissioners) please check to see that forms are correct. (

(Commissioners) must have team rosters before teams play their first game. Drafted players must be decided by midnight of the day section and region are completed.

The next meeting of the MBA will be Thursday August 20th, 2009 (1:00pm) at Gaylord.

The board wishes all teams the best of luck in your league and Region/Section playoffs. See you at the State Tournament. The dates are August (20-23), (28-30), September (4-7).

Motion Kreger, seconded Roufs, carried that the board will purchase the trophies for the Class "A" State Tornament.

The board sets new rules of conduct to be enforced during the State Tournament. These will be given to all teams as they advance.

Being no further of business, motion Brennan, seconded Barry, carried, to adjourn at 3:30pm.


Bob Zellmann