MBA 7/13/09 Meeting Minutes

MBA Board of Directors inspected future Tournament sites.

On Monday July 13th the board traveled to Spicer, which is the standby site for the 2010 State Tournament. The board also inspected the Willmar park which is one of the host sites for the 2010 State Tournament. The board met with committee members and went over some of the issues that are required. The board was very impressed with both parks. On Friday July 17th the board will inspect Bird Island, the other host site for 2010. They also plan to make a stop at Glencoe, which is the standby site for this year's State Tournament.
The past two weeks the board has received a number of issues concerning player and team eligibility. With the season coming to a close and leagues setting up their play-offs, President Richter thought it would be a good time to address some of these problems.

President Richter called a special meeting to order on July 13th in Willmar at 6:30pm. All directors were present.

First order of business discussed was player Derek Dormanen who played for Midway and left to sign a contract with the Fargo Red Hawks a professional team. The Red Hawks released Dormanen the first week in July. The MBA requires that all players that sign pro contracts must sign a new MBA contract when they return, however, this must be done before the June 30th deadline. This brings the case a motion by Roufs, seconded Kreger, carried by a 9-0 vote that Dormanen will be ineligible for the remainder of the 2009 season. He will need a release from the Red Hawks, fill out a Pro Player Questionnaire to be acted on by the MBA board, and sign a new MBA contract to be eligible for the 2010 season.

The First Nite and Gopher Leagues met and ruled Aaron Siefken who played for the Fairmont Martins ineligible for the 2009 for violation of the player radius rule, at the same time they voted to allow the Fairmont team to be eligible for post season play with state board approval. A motion by Forsman, seconded Hartmann, carried by a 9-0 vote, that Aaron Siefken and the Fairmont Martins who played an ineligible player will not be eligible for post-season play in 2009. Team rosters will be frozen, no players can be drafted, player and team must be reinstated for the 2010 season.

The Cornbelt North and South Leagues met on July 13th to discuss eligibility issues with two teams, Willmar and Atwater. In the Willmar case Anthony Stern was released by Willmar and taken off the roster in May of 2007. He returned to Willmar to play in 2009, he told the manager he didn't need a new contract because he hadn't played with any other team. The new manager didn't know Stern had been released and that he had to sign a new contract to be eligible. (The league decision) Stern was made ineligible, Willmar had to forfeit all the games Stern played, and Stern had to be reinstated by the State Board (The MBA ruled) on motion by Rademacher, seconded Barry, carried by a 9-0 vote that Stern and Willmar are both ineligible, Stern for not signing a contract and Willmar for playing Stern without a contract. Willmar roster will be frozen. No player can be drafted; Stern and Willmar must be reinstated for the 2010 season. Willmar will be allowed to finish out their season schedule.

In the Atwater case, Justin Downes who was under contract with Atwater, was also playing ball with a team in South Dakota. When contracted Downes admitted to this and was released by Atwater. (The league's decision) Atwater has to forfeit all of the games Downes played, Downes was ruled ineligible and has to be reinstated by the State Board. (The MBA ruled) Motion by Brennan, seconded Rademacher, carried by 9-0 vote, that both Downes and Atwater are ineligible for post season play in 2009. Atwater roster is frozen, no player can be drafted, Downes and Atwater have to be reinstated by the MBA for the 2010 season. Atwater will be allowed to finish our their season schedule.

There was no further business motion Kreger, seconded Brennan to adjourn. Adjournment came at 9:00pm.

Next meeting of the MBA will be at the Gaylord Legion Club, Saturday July 18th, 1:00pm.


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