2009 Fall Baseball Letter #13

NW Umpires and those that are applying for membership for 2010,

Below is the document that will be used by the evaluators this fall.  In it they are expected to observe you umpire and give you some hints on your strenths and weaknesses.  We have limited it to 3 strengths and 3 things to work on.  They may or may not add any more to the document at their discretion.  The reason for only 3 is that it is very difficult to work on more than one of these at a time anyway.  So, one should be an immediate goal, the 2nd one should be an intermediate goal and the 3rd one a future goal.

Also, we have placed their recommendation to our Board of Directors if the applying umpire should be recommended for membership in 2010.  The BOD will make the final decision based on a ranking of all applicants and also on the needs of Northwest Umpires for 2010.

There are some criteria that are listed in the document for both the plate and the bases.  I suggest that all umpires that will be evaluated this fall, including present members look at it to see what the evaluator will be looking for in the umpires that they evaluate.

Evaluators, I suggest you also look at the document more than once before you observe the umpires and use the criteria listed to form what you plan on looking at in the observation and evaluation.  You will not be filling in a recommendation for those that are present members.  Only for those that are applying for membership should you make a recommendation for the 2010 season.

Good luck to all umpires this fall in our yearly program of evaluation. We have approximately 20 applicant umpires going to be evaluated this fall.  Again, the reason for evaluation is to improve the product we are putting on the field for our clients (teams, schools and players).

I am leaving town on Saturday morning for 5 days and will return on Wednesday, July 29th.  I am going to the NASO convention in Tucson, AZ representing NW Umpires and the MSHSL.

If you have any questions about fall baseball, please hold off until I return or call or write before I leave.


Larry Gallagher

Click the link below to download the 2009 NW Umpires Evaluation Form


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