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NW College 11-22-2017

As we head into the long holiday weekend I just wanted to pass along a few notes.

1.       NCAA Registration through CBUA – Today, from Fetch, you should have all received the email pasted at the end of this note.  Please act now.  I completed mine and it took about 1 min.

2.       NW Umpires Registration – The registration process will open by the end of the month.  Please act accordingly. 

3.       D3 nominations – Umpires who were nominated for D3 post-season have been contacted.  The list was submitted to Don Umland, the selection committee, and reviewed by both Dan McKane (MIAC) and Corey Borchardt (UMAC).

4.       Contracts and schedules – We are in the final stages of contract negotiations with our existing customers and a few new ones.  Make sure you have your calendars updated for Jeff too aid in his early season assigning.  If you know of dates you cannot work please update Arbiter.

5.       Please take care of your off-the-field ‘business’ (e.g. registrations, dues, tests, etc.) and make defensible/reasonable decisions on AND off the field.


Enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday and time with friends and family.  Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns.

NW College 10-16-2017

Thanks to everyone who attended the meeting last night.  Another,Thank You, to George and Nick for their dedication to NW Umpires.

A recap of a few of the items that I discussed, in regards to College baseball:
  1. There is no Chicago (NCAA) meeting this year.  In lieu of this meeting, we are working with the national officials, and are planning an 'upper midwest' CBUA clinic here in Minneapolis, in conjunction with the UofM, Augsburg, Big Ten/Pac 12 challenge occurring in US Bank Stadium.  Block your calendars for the first weekend in March.  Most likely the the clinic will be on Sat March 3rd.  More details later.
  2. Contracts:  We are currently renegotiating our contracts that we have currently.  I don't fore see any major changes.
  3. Roster:  We are actively reviewing our entire College roster, and hope to expand not just within the Twin Cities Metro, but out-state and beyond MN
  4. Fall Ball:  Has become bigger and bigger each year.  Adam has does an outstanding job.  Thanks for everyone who worked, evaluated, and was involved in the coordination.  Thanks, Adam.
As always, feel free to reach out to me with questions, comments, and/or concerns.
John Priester
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Bill Szabo

As we prepare to take the field this year, let's pick up a fellow brother in blue who isn't able to join us.  Please donate/help with whatever you can.  Many guys have talked about 'pledging' to donate a certain percentage of the game fees they earn this year  Note that the site doesn't have a way to track that -- you would pay in your donations as you see fit.  The fundraiser is found here:

Bill Szabo continues to make remarkable progress in his recovery from his car accident on September 30.  We have launched a fundraiser to help Bill and his family with their medical expenses:


Visits with other umpires go a long way in boosting his spirits and motivation.  Please follow/bookmark Bill's caring bridge website (link below) and take time to visit one of our "wounded warriors."   


NW College 10-10-2017

All - Please see the attachment from MIAC.  Hope to see many of you this Sunday as we thank George and Nick for their dedication to NW Umpires over several years.  Please continue to dedicate time this fall to becoming a better umpire.  We are working on a new/different clinic format for this year since there will be no Chicago trip (NCAA Meeting).  I'll keep you updated as more details become available.

As always, please feel free to reach out to me with any questions.
John Priester
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NW Umpires High School Clinic

NW Umpires will be hosting its annual High School Clinic during the week of March 27th @ Lindberg Center/Hopkins High School.  There were some changes in the coaching staff at Hopkins, so we are still working out all the details.  Similar to the past several years, we will be working with the Hopkins High School team.

Read more: NW Umpires High School Clinic

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