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Here is some information to help you while being a NW umpire

Pre-game with Coaches

  • Introductions
  • Go over line-up cards (Some leagues, espically in the summer, won't give you one).  I always ask for one especially if its a league game.  If there's a problem, I want to know who I"m dealing with.  Typically non-conference amateur games the coaches will exchange but not have one for you.  You can still ask for one.
  • Discuss the slide rule and where it will be applied.  Especially, for amateur games, since different leagues use diifferent slide rules at different bases.  The HS and College teams/leagues should all be using the same rule in all games.
  • Re-entry Rule, especially in amateur and Legion games.  Some may use the HS rule and in the playoffs this may be different.
  • Trips to the mound.  Know the difference between the HS rule, College rule and the Pro rule.  Make sure you know what rule you are using from the beginning to prevent an issue later in the game.
  • Courtesy Runners.  Know the HS rule and understand there is a wide variety of how this rule is applied in Amateur leagues.
  • Let the home coach do the ground rules.
  • Know the HS Run Rule.  Especially in the summer; different leagues use different Run Rules.
  • DH rules.  HS, College or Pro.
  • For Amateur games:  Playing Managers/Coaches.  If one of these is playing in the field, make sure everyone knows if a trip is being charged.  If they designate a bench coach or someone else, then you should write that number down.
  • Misc:  Balls, Bat Boys/Girls must have helmets, warm up pitches in inning one and then between inninngs, sportsmanship, hustle in & out, let me know of changes, .......Have some fun!
  • If anyone has any tips/info to add please send an e-mail to us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Welcome to Northwest Umpires!

Congratluations for being accepted into Minnesota's premier association for baseball umpires. Our association has developed several ways for its members to stay informed, manage game assignments/availability, and keep in touch with each other. As new members of our group, you now have access to these tools.  If you have any questions about being an umpire for Northwest please send us an e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Arbiter

Northwest uses the online version of The Arbiter ( to assign games to its officials. This allows you to view your game schedule any time that you are on a computer with access to the Internet. You can also view contact information for our other umpires, manage your blocked dates/teams/partners/sites, and a whole slew of other things related to managing game assignments. As soon as possible, you should go out to the Arbiter website and set up all of your information. It is particularly important that you update the following information:
  • Personal information -- your address, phone numbers, etc.
  • BLOCKED DATES -- make sure you enter the dates that you CANNOT work into your calendar so our assignor knows not to assign you games on those dates
  • Travel limits -- these will figure into how far you can travel on any given weekday.
  • Blocked partners/teams/sites -- being new to our group, it is unlikely that you will have any of these. But if there are umpires, sites, or teams that you know that you do NOT want to work with or for, then you will enter them here. Note that there is a limit to the number of blocks that you can place on these items, but I'm not sure exactly what that number is.
  • Any other information out there that you find pertaining to yourself that has not been listed here.

News Flash

*NW General Membership Meeting - TBD 2020

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