2009 Fall Baseball Letter #24


Below is a simplified version of 2-man mechanics with no runners on base from Jim Evans Umpire School Manual.

He has this copyrighted so it cannot be used for profit.

I hope this helps keep umpiring simple because it should be as simple as we can make it so we can umpire and not feel confused.

Tomorrow I will send one covering Basic Responsibilities with runners on base.

Fall umpires, let's all come to the yard with the idea that we are going to have as large of a strike zone as we can possibly have and still be fair to the hitters.  The U of M coaching staff has asked me to relay this message to you for the games at Siebert and Alimagnet.  I am assuming it is true at Nieman also.  Be consistent from the beginning of the game to the end of the game but be as big as is legitimately possible.






* Any batted ball that settles or is touched before reaching the 1st base bag

* Any slow roller up the 1st base line. 

* All batted balls down the 3rd base line.

Catch/No Catch 

* All fly balls to outfield that BU does not go out on.

* All pop-ups to infield that BU does not go out on.

* All line drives to infield except those fielded by 1st or 2nd baseman coming straight in or to their left

Touching Bases/Play Coverage

* Batter-runner at all bases when base umpire goes out.

* Batter-runner when tagged before reaching the 45 foot line.

Batter-Runner’s Lane

* Responsible for all interference calls. 

* Help on swipe tag near first ONLY if asked by base umpire

Out of Play 

* Responsible for any ball going out of play in the outfield when the base umpire has not gone out.

* Responsible for any errant throw back into the infield that goes out of play.





* Any batted ball that bounds past the 1st base bag.

* Any batted ball that touches the 1st base bag and rolls past it (except slow roller)

* Any line drive that touches the ground or is touched near the line beyond the 1st base bag.

Catch/No Catch 

* Any fly ball to center, right-center, or right that the BU goes out on.

* Any pop-up on the line directly over head or beyond.

* Any line drive to 1st or 2nd baseman coming straight in or to their left.

Touching Bases/Play Coverage

* Batter-runner at 1st, 2nd, and 3rd bases when base umpire does not go out.

* Batter-runner at home plate if possible after he has gone out and returned.

* Batter-runner when in route to 1st after he has reached the 45 foot-line.

Batter-Runner’s Lane

* Alert at all times for batter-runner interference.  Call ONLY if plate umpire fails to do so.

* Full responsibility for swipe tag near 1st (ask plate umpire ONLY as a last resort).

Out of Play

* Responsible for ball out of play when he goes out 

News Flash

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