Recognizing MSHSL Clinic Umpires

From the desk of Larry Gallagher:

Last night the MSHSL provided a clinic for the MSHSL umpires at Richfield High School.
You would have been proud of our members that provided outstanding service to the umpires in attendance.

I saw wonderful leaders with a passion for the game and the avocation of umpiring perform at a high level.
I know where our leaders for our organization are coming from.
Please acknowledge in any way you personally can their efforts.
They are as follows:  Tony Anderson, Adam Berg, Ed Bova, Mike Budion, Curt Callister, Joe Guscetti, Gus Hellzen,
Bryce Jacobson, Dave Meysembourg, Mike Monita, Dave Powers, Ron Poeschel & Ken Sargent.
We also had Bill Peterson and John Linn as clinicians from the Gopher Officials Association.  Bill was the lead
clinician on the bases and I was the lead clinician on the plate.
I was proud of how they all represented the umpiring profession and avocation last night.  Not only did they
give of their time and talents but they did it with enthusiasm and care in how they treated the
umpires in their charge.
I can't say enough superlatives to represent how I felt about the future of our organization with
the leadership that I saw last night at Richfield.
Please acknowledge in any way you can to these good umpires but better their leadership and their dedication
to helping others become better too.

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