Bill Szabo

As we prepare to take the field this year, let's pick up a fellow brother in blue who isn't able to join us.  Please donate/help with whatever you can.  Many guys have talked about 'pledging' to donate a certain percentage of the game fees they earn this year  Note that the site doesn't have a way to track that -- you would pay in your donations as you see fit.  The fundraiser is found here:

Bill Szabo continues to make remarkable progress in his recovery from his car accident on September 30.  We have launched a fundraiser to help Bill and his family with their medical expenses:

Visits with other umpires go a long way in boosting his spirits and motivation.  Please follow/bookmark Bill's caring bridge website (link below) and take time to visit one of our "wounded warriors."

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*NW General Membership Meeting - TBD 2020

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