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Shawn Vellek is on the committee for the Proposed Lowertown Ballpark


At NW's 90th year celebration, Paul Blanchard of SMSU won the Sportsman of the Year Award

Several of the College umpires from NW will be attending the NCAA meeting this year in Chicago.

Here is some flight information that a few umpires have already booked.  The cost right now is $179.40

1/28 MSP-MDW Delta 5793 10:10am – 11:36am

1/30 MDW-MSP Delta 5769 4:30pm - 5:59pm


1/28 MSP-MDW Southwest 406 10:15am - 11:45am

1/30 MDW-MSP Southwest 3261 4:35pm - 6:20pm


The plan is to take the EL(Train) from the airport to the hotel and then back on Sunday.


Andre again is heading up the Sports/Events/Fun committee.  The plan is to go to the Chicago Bulls game on Fri night vs Orlando.  Andre will be getting the tickets, please contact him if interested.  It looks like the tickets will be between $35 - $40/each.

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*NW General Membership Meeting - TBD 2020

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