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Dear ABUA,

In April 2007, I injured my back while working on the bases at a local high school game. Pain shot down my right leg like a jolt. The pain persisted for several days and doctor's examinations and MRI's revealed a herniated disc. This led to a decision for an arthroscopic surgery in June 2007 to repair the disc. Consequently, I had to abandon my umpire schedule for the remainder of the 2007 season, which amounted to 10 weeks.

I filed an insurance claim, in June 2007, and in August or September of 2007, I received a check for $900. This is based on $100 a week for the weeks lost, less one week deductible. While the check didn't replace my lost game20fees entirely, it provided some help at the time. The policy followed through exactly as it said it would.

I just wanted you to know the ABUA system worked, and I am pleased to be a member of the ABUA for this and for many other reasons.

Traverse City, MI

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As They See 'Em is an insider's look at the largely unknown world of professional umpires, the small group of men (and the very occasional woman) who make sure America's favorite pastime is conducted in a manner that is clean, crisp, and true. Bruce Weber, a New York Times reporter, not only interviewed dozens of professional umpires but entered their world, trained to become an umpire, and then spent a season working games from Little League to big league spring training.

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The ABUA is the largest membership association for amateur baseball umpires in the U.S.
Its purpose is to improve the overall quality of umpiring in youth league, high school and college baseball through innovative teaching and educational programs, and superior educational resources.
The ABUA protects its members with the most comprehensive insurance package in the industry (Liability, Medical & Lost game fees)!The ABUA provides a national organization and network where individual umpires and local associations can promote professionalism, integrity and a love of the game.We've partnered with Eofficials.com to provide our membership the opportunity to access the Eofficials baseball resources. Individual memberships are currently $45 for ABUA and $75 for the premium option for ESO.

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With the recent release of the Jim Evans Academy new Two-Umpire System manual, many associations have taken advantage of this great book. Having taken over 3 years to develop, the new manual makes learning the two-umpire system easy and fun! With over 100 full size diagrams and illustrations, understand the system has never been better. It's just like sitting at umpire school with Jim.

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OTTAWA – When you first meet Don Gilbert, you meet an unassuming man who is very kind, gentile and welcoming to everyone. Those who do not know him have a hard time grasping that this man was the Supervisor of Umpires for Baseball Canada for 12 years.

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The Virtual Umpire Training CD is a unique, interactive way for umpires to learn the mechanics and signals for umpiring on the professional level. Containing more than 100 animations, this product is a must-have for any current or future professional umpire. It's the only such product licensed by both Major League Baseball and Minor League Baseball. Cd contains animated training information on the 2, 3 and 4 umpire systems including signaling.

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