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ABUA & ESO Soon-To-Be: ABUA Premium!

Exciting news from ABUA

The ABUA & ESO membership is getting better! In addition to the great content ESO offered to the members, the ABUA is adding great benefits to the program. Starting in late October, information from the ESO website will be migrated onto the ABUA website for easy access for the ABUA & ESO members to access. The new membership will be called ABUA Premium. Current ABUA & ESO members will not have to do anything to take advantage of the great benefits. Benefits of the new membership include:
  • $0 Insurance Deductible!
  • Greater discounts in the Online Store
  • $25 Coupon off Tuition at any Jim Evans Academy Clinic / Class
  • Great information from the ESO website
  • and more...

Details are still being worked out. Stay tuned for more information via the ABUA website.

Play Following Catcher’s Interference 6.08 (c) 

Part of Rich Marazzi's Ruleball ABUA Column


The Yankees hosted the Angels on Sept. 14th. In the bottom of the fifth inning the Yankees had Nick Swisher on third and Johnny Damon on first with two outs and Mark Teixeira at bat. Texeira hit a deep fly to center over the head of Angels’ center fielder Torii Hunter and ended up with a triple. Prior to hitting the ball, Teixeira’s bat made contact with Angels’ catcher Jeff Mathis’ mitt. As he was running up the first baseline, Teixeira pointed in the direction of Mathis to alert plate umpire Derryl Cousins that he had been interfered with. Like most batter-runners in this situation, Teixeira slowed down to communicate the violation with the umpire, but to his credit he kept running.


Umpire Myths

Part of George Demetriou's ABUA Column

There are many myths in the game of baseball. One of the more well known ones is “the hands are part of the bat.” Some of these myths directly impact the umpire and his responsibilities. Unless otherwise noted, the material applies equally to NFHS, NCAA and pro rules.

An umpire can be injured by a foul tip. A foul tip is a batted ball that goes sharp and direct from the bat to the catcher’s hand or glove and is legally caught (NFHS 2-16-2; NCAA 2-37, 7-8; pro 2.00 Foul Tip). 

Jim Evans Academy of Professional Umpiring Launches New Web Site

For Immediate Release
September 17, 2009

The Jim Evans Academy of Professional Umpiring, the world’s #1 umpire training program, announced today that it has relaunched its web site at www.umpireacademy.com. For more than 20 years, the Jim Evans Academy has been the leader in umpire education, training umpires around the globe while watching them advance into careers in professional baseball or becoming national and international leaders in amateur baseball.

The Umpire Life Clinic

The Umpire Life is excited to announce "The Umpire Life Dream Camp 2010". Our goal is to provide you with the most amazing umpire experience ever. This event is going to take place in Arlington, Texas in "The Rangers Ballpark in Arlington". Your training and teaching will take place right in the stadium of the Texas Rangers. You will also get the chance to meet an incredible teaching staff that will include three legendary former Major League umpires. Bill Haller, Joe Brinkman and Ken Kaiser will both entertain you and teach you the things that helped them through their 78 years of umpiring experience. Please check out the link below for this incredible opportunity. This camp is going to be limited to only 50 umpires so don't delay in reserving your spot in what is sure to be the greatest four days you ever spend umpiring! 

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