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We will build you from the ground up.  No one expects all newer umpires to acquire all the items below in one season.  It will take some time to acquire all of this.  Everyone in NW must have our cap and the proper basic uniform along with the correct safety equipment.

The 2009 NFHS Baseball Rule Changes can be found in 'NW Umpire Info' --> 'High School' or by clicking on the link below


Games with Non-wood Bats Produce More Hits


Contact: Bob Gardner, NFHS

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (September 28, 2007) — In a comparative study of Illinois high school baseball teams using wood bats and non-wood bats during the same season, games with non-wood bats lasted longer and produced more hits than those with wood bats, but researchers at Illinois State University found that there was no statistically significant difference in injuries.

From the desk of Larry Gallagher:

Last night the MSHSL provided a clinic for the MSHSL umpires at Richfield High School.
You would have been proud of our members that provided outstanding service to the umpires in attendance.

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